A photo of Darius KumanaA photo of Darius Kumana
Darius Kumana
Co-Founder & CPO
Digital guy with insurance experience. Part-time MMA instructor, known to quote Star Trek.
A photo of Nimeshh PatelA photo of Nimeshh Patel
Nimeshh Patel
All things business strategy and numbers - a passion for pivot tables and a few unique pivots on the dancefloor too.
A photo of Jasmine DemosthenousA photo of Jasmine Demosthenous
Jasmine Demosthenous
Sales and Service Manager
Responsible for bringing tech startup culture to an insurance contact centre - and excited about it!
A photo of Benedikt HeissA photo of Benedikt Heiss
Benedikt Heiss
Head of Design
Designer across product, brand and web who loves travelling the world. Wannabe coffee expert.
A photo of Niall BartonA photo of Niall Barton
Niall Barton
Co-Founder & Executive Chairman
Insurance guy with digital experience. Part-time DJ, and Executive Chairman for Wrisk.
A photo of Harriet Simpson A photo of Harriet Simpson
Harriet Simpson
Insurance Product Analyst
Insurance all-rounder and office Bridget Jones, with a not-so-secret love of cats, baking and hampers.
A photo of Alex HarinA photo of Alex Harin
Alex Harin
PhD in Maths, enjoys efficiency and dislikes long meetings. Cycles 20+ miles to work and back every day.
Picture of Vincent HoangPicture of Vincent Hoang
Vincent Hoang
Full Stack Developer
Enjoys office gaming sessions, is a puzzle master and is quite handy at coding as well.
Picture of Jo SalacinskiPicture of Jo Salacinski
Jo Salacinski
Product Manager
Experienced product manager, expert marketer and a busy mum of two.
A photo of Greg DoszpodA photo of Greg Doszpod
Greg Doszpod
Lead UX Designer
Leads on UX decisions and conducts usability testing – when not leading the office ping pong competition.
Picture of Neil FletcherPicture of Neil Fletcher
Neil Fletcher
Technical Product Manager
Runs all things product on the app, and all things games night related within the office.
A photo of Ned BartonA photo of Ned Barton
Ned Barton
Product Support Manager
All around fixer, former model, enjoys composing electronic music.
Picture of Neil PatelPicture of Neil Patel
Neil Patel
Financial Analyst
Office numbers whizz who has amazing knowledge of everything Apple and BMW related.

Our partners

We enjoy strategic and collaborative relationships with a number of supportive, high profile partners.

Advisory board

Our knowledgeable, high profile and enthusiastic advisors bring expertise and experience across a range of disciplines and industries.
Wrisk Advisor Bindi Karia
Bindi Karia
Innovation expert, formerly VP at Silicon Valley Bank, voted one of the Top 100 Women in Fintech.
Picture of Caroline Garrow
Caroline Garrow
Former Head of Insurance at Wrisk now Head of Insurance at Flock.
Wrisk Advisor David Groom
David Groom
Managing Partner at Venture Clearly LLP, formerly founder of VocaLink PDI and MD at Experian Analytics.
Wrisk Advisor James Lewis
James Lewis
Principal Consultant at ThoughtWorks, Microservices author and conference speaker.
Wrisk Advisor Justin Balcombe
Justin Balcombe
Insurance expert, Partner & EMEA Digital Insurance Transformation Leader at Oliver Wyman.
Wrisk Advisor Mark Huxley
Mark Huxley
Claims advisor, Co-founder and Director at Lamb Creative Marketing.
Wrisk Advisor Mark Lee
Mark Lee
Data science advisor, Senior Consultant at Insight Risk Consulting.
Wrisk Advisor Matthew Evans
Matthew Evans
Actuarial advisor, Director at EMC Actuarial & Analytics.
Wrisk Advisor Michael May
Michael May
Principal iOS Developer at the BBC, formerly Lead iOS Developer at Wrisk and now our first alumnus!
Photo of Neil Brettell
Neil Brettell
Insurance and digital expert. Formerly CCO at MoneySuperMarket.com and MD Personal Lines Allianz UK.
Picture of Rolf Tolle
Rolf Tolle
Non-Exec of QBE Group, awarded Lloyds Silver Medal after his work as Franchise Performance Director
Wrisk Advisor Sarosh Kumana
Sarosh Kumana
Entrepreneur and investor, President of the Board of Directors at Sand Hill Angels.
Wrisk Advisor Simon Devonshire
Simon Devonshire (OBE)
Investor, Entrepreneur in Residence at the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.

Why are we doing this?

People talk about ‘purposeful organisations’ a lot these days. Insurance at its core is truly purposeful. It’s about being there to help you recover when you’re at your most vulnerable, just after some kind of disaster has struck. It doesn’t get much more purposeful than that.

The trouble is that although this ideal is at the core of insurance it doesn’t feel like that’s what the industry currently does – mistrust is everywhere. Wrisk is going to change that by putting customers back in control.

A new standard for insurance that makes simplicity, transparency and customer ownership the norm.