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Wrisk Data Services

Real-time, diverse data sources across the insurance value chain. Make smarter decisions effortlessly with intelligent scoring and continuous product improvement through machine learning. Tap into the power of telematics and connected car data for unprecedented innovation.

Data as a Differentiator

Utilise real-time data sources throughout the insurance value chain for intelligent scoring and continuous product enhancement.
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Efficient Data Management

Managing vast amounts of granular event-level data across the insurance value chain in near real-time to optimise Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA), increase Average-Revenue-Per-User (ARPU), and effectively manage loss ratios.
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Streamlined Data Integration

Modular integrations help partners seamlessly generate and incorporate data from diverse and disparate sources. Our data integration service ensures a unified view of your data, breaking down silos and enhancing data quality.
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Actionable Insights and Decision-making

Leverage our intelligence and strategic data-science service to gain informed, evidence-based perspectives. We provide meaningful scores for various objectives and help you make better decisions, optimise offerings, and continuously improve with machine learning.
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Telematics Data as a Service

We process and cleanse large volumes of telematics data from multiple devices, including AppSDKs, OBD2, ELD devices, and OEMs’ connected car data. Our platform simplifies the data-collection process while ensuring compliance and customer consent.
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Data Model as a Service

Benefit from our pre-built, standardised data models accessible as a cloud-based service. Instantly leverage robust data foundations for Driver Scoring, Conversion Scoring, and more without investing extensive time and resources.
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Unlock your Data Potential

Embrace the true potential of data in the insurance business. Machine learning for fraud detection, cross-selling, and conversion, full-stack analytics, and tight integration with partner systems is just the start. With Wrisk’s comprehensive intelligence service, organisations can extract valuable insights, optimise key metrics, and unlock the power of their data.

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