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Wrisk is on a mission to give insurance a long overdue digital upgrade - and we need your help.

Who we are

Wrisk grew from the marriage of two very different worlds – insurance and technology. These two industries have very different modes of operation and have traditionally attracted very different kinds of people. That means there is no typical employee here – we’re all different, and we like that.

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Who we hire

We are a small team punching well above our weight. We know how important it is to hire smart, talented people with experience and potential, and we’ve built a fantastic team doing exactly that. Just having the ‘right’ background or qualifications isn’t enough though; you have to be driven, always learning and really care about what you do.

We are an actively inclusive organisation, and would love to welcome more women, people of colour, LGBTQ+ people and those from other marginalised communities to our team. We recognise the value of diverse perspectives - and their underrepresentation in both the tech and insurance industries. If we can help to change that, we will. 

Specifically, we will make any reasonable accommodations for caring responsibilities, disability, mental illness, neurodivergence and other challenging circumstances. We value passion, and will always accept speculative enquiries from people who love what we do and want to be part of it but aren’t sure how they would fit in.

How we work

Our process is constantly evolving, but at our core we are a Lean and Agile start-up, which means following the build-measure-learn cycle for everything we produce and working flexibly to ensure we never waste time on something customers don’t even want. Everyone in the team is encouraged to follow these principles, though that can be more of a challenge for those working in insurance!

We are all operating on a remote basis and have been doing so since the start of lockdown in 2020. We hope to return to an office at some point in the future, but for now we will remain remote.

Why work at Wrisk

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We’re tackling never-before-solved problems using new technologies. No matter your specialism, if you love puzzles then this could be the workplace for you!
Icon for Potential


We have a clean slate and a strong set of partners and investors in an industry weighed down by outdated products and legacy code. Let’s just say we’re ambitious.
Icon for Equity


The founders want every employee to feel some ownership of the business. Everyone joining this early on will be well rewarded when we (hopefully!) hit the big time.
Icon for Location


We’re operating on a fully remote basis just now, so your location could be anywhere in the UK.
Icon for Culture


Relaxed environment, flexible working conditions, a team of driven people who are passionate about what they do. (Also: posh coffee and a ping pong table.)
Icon for Values


We all want to contribute to a comfortable workplace and quality products. We hold ourselves - and each other, and the products we develop - to high standards.

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