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Global Platform Technology

Our digital-first, legacy-free platform lets you create, launch and operate differentiated insurance experiences rapidly and at scale. Exceptional customer experience across products, brands, carriers and countries.

Core Platform Features

Many innovative capabilities and novel product characteristics are enabled by our state-of-the-art digital platform.
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Global Scale

Wrisk helps you create delightful digital experiences that work across your products and markets. From marketing through to quote&bind, self-service changes and connected-car enabled claims, we help balance regional autonomy with global consistency of experience.
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Seamless Branded Experience

Use our branded gateway to give your customers a simple and elegant digital insurance experience across all channels. For partners seeking integration within their existing systems, native apps, and sales flows, our APIs offer tightly integrated and embedded solutions.
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Powerful Scoring, Rating & Decisioning

Machine-learning enhanced scoring, rating, and decisioning provides scores for key objectives and pricing calculations across various offerings. Experience new levels of flexibility, scalability, and precision as products optimise themselves.
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Responsive and Cost-Effective Support

We combine low-cost administration with responsive and delightful service. With digital self-service as the default, fewer agents are required whilst our automation-focused tools help to make operations more efficient.
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Speed and Agility

As a unified whole, our platform enables fast time-to-market for new propositions and confident changes to existing programs. With modular design, automated testing, and continuous delivery frameworks, we deliver unmatched speed and agility to keep you ahead of the competition.
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Best-in-Class Data Insights

Leverage our data services to gain a competitive advantage. Benefit from digital marketing optimisation, easy integration with partner data, machine learning for fraud detection, cross-selling, full-stack analytics, and tight integration with partner systems.

We help the world’s largest brands protect the things their customers care about the most.

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