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Wrisk is hacking insurance to bits and we need your help.



Why are we doing this

People talk about ‘purposeful organisations’ a lot these days. Insurance at its core is truly purposeful. It is about being there to help people recover when they are at their most vulnerable, just after some kind of disaster has struck. You can't get much more purposeful than that. 

The trouble is that although this ideal is at the core of insurance it doesn’t feel like that’s what the industry currently does – mistrust is everywhere.  Wrisk is going to change that by putting customers back in control.



Who we are

Wrisk was spawned from the marriage of two very different worlds - insurance and technology. These two industries have very different modes of operation and have traditionally attracted very different kinds of people. 

That means there is no typical Wrisk employee – we’re all different and we like that.

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How we work

It seems obvious, but it also seems like the industry has forgotten that you that cannot sell to people, if you are not people focused. We take a customer-centered approach to everything we do.

Our process is constantly evolving as we grow and adapt, but at our core we are a lean and agile start-up that values design as highly as engineering, marketing, and product management. We experiment and research to validate our hypotheses, prototype before coding, and iterate when we finally do build. There are no sacred cows, but there is always respect.

We care about our “work/life/fun” balance as much as we care about the business because, well, without engaged people to build it, we are just an idea.  So, we down tools on a Friday for a few drinks, straight after showcase. Why should you give up your weekend for company team-building? We have Wednesday coffee catch up, straight after stand-up with just one rule - bring something interesting to talk about. And if you need to work from home sometimes, we've got that well practiced now. We'll video chat you in even if your two-year old is using you as a climbing frame.


Where we’re located

We're currently at the Tech Hub, Moorgate, part of Google for Entrepreneurs. As you would expect, it comes with the obligatory ping pong table, foosball table and free coffee, plus regular talks from luminaries of the startup and tech sector.


Join our team

Wrisk is hacking insurance to bits and we need your help.