Things in your home

If you think about moving house, all the items you take with you are ‘Things in your home’ (please make sure you check the exclusions below)... we also cover your landlord’s contents (if you need it).

Our policy works by you choosing an overall limit (up to £20,000) and within this, certain things can’t exceed an item limit.

Covered up to £1,500 per item

Items include (but aren’t limited to):

Ornaments, pictures and art
Home electronics e.g. TVs, gaming consoles
Clothes, bags and shoes
Books and toys
Personal appliances e.g. hairdryers and electric razors
Make-up, perfume & medicines
Soft furnishings e.g. carpets, rugs and throws
Sports & camping equipment

Items without an item limit

Household appliances i.e. whitegoods

Items covered up to £150

The following items​ are covered whilst in the home up to a maximum of £150 per item. Items above this value in these categories must be individually specified in the app.

Portable electronics
Musical instruments

Optional cover

Accidental damage

Not covered

Mobile phones
Business stock & equipment
Permanent fixtures and fittings e.g. bathrooms and kitchens
Frozen food
Plants or living creatures