A photo of Stewart Duncan

Stewart Duncan

Data veteran in Insurtech, media and online travel. Never regresses to the mean.

Stewart has built international data and analytics teams across a number of industries. Most recently, he served on the management team at Simply Business (a successful insurtech providing online insurance to small businesses), where he created a growth-focused data culture that helped propel the company to over 500k customers and 500 employees.

This remarkable growth led to a £400m valuation and a successful exit to Travelers Insurance in 2017. Along the way, the company topped the Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For list in two successive years, with Stewart’s data team winning three industry plaudits for data innovation in insurance.

While at Sony Playstation, Stewart built an international team of data professionals supporting the newly-created Worldwide Studios division, a collection of thirteen game development studios and approximately 3000 developers. He put in place technology and talent to support the studios in a number of commercial areas, covering budgeting and planning, marketing insights and in-game behaviour analytics. He also fulfilled a childhood dream of appearing in the credits of a number of award-winning titles.

Stewart is a passionate believer in how data, handled responsibly, can help society and consumers to make better, more informed choices and achieve better outcomes. He loves how Wrisk is using transparency and brilliant digital design to fix the information imbalance between the insurer and the insured.

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