Next-generation insurance solutions for mobility.

Designed for you and your customers.

WriskMobility is our set of platform capabilities designed to deliver modern, frictionless insurance experiences to the mobility sector.

We’ve combined our in-house technological know-how and insurance expertise to build a world-class solution to address commonly faced problems within the mobility space:

Increase conversion

WriskMobility can support the delivery of complimentary insurance for any length of time, from a month to a year. Conversion improves with a seamless roll-on from free to paid cover, without any costly overheads.

Improve uptake

Our system creates a near-frictionless experience for both customer and retailer by automatically generating online car insurance quotes at the point of sale, using sophisticated APIs which can share customer data from car financing systems.

Support new revenue streams

Our platform is able to surface add-ons or ancillary services to customers at any time, allowing partners to digitally cross-sell products such as cosmetic repair, wheel cover or legal expenses with ease.

Future-proof your business

We will work with you to build and nurture customer relationships, in a market that will soon be characterised by buying mobility rather than a car.

Mobility products powered by Wrisk.

To support under-served demographics, we built RAC Pay As You Drive Car insurance
To move away from antiquated insurance practices, BMW started working with Wrisk

Adaptable solutions for mobility companies.

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Integrated customer journey

Platform API capabilities allow for mobility insurance quotes to be surfaced during online car purchase journeys.
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Pay As You Drive

WriskMobility is able to bill customers on a per mile basis. This usage-based approach means customers only ever pay for the cover they need.
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Driveaway conversion

Our subscription billing model can seamlessly roll complimentary driveaway offers into paid subscriptions, making conversion the default customer behaviour.
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Self service

Our flexible, instant, self-service approach enables lower overheads on staff at dealerships whilst simultaneously improving customer satisfaction.
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Customer care

From an enhanced help centre to in-app chat, Wrisk’s advanced customer service capabilities is designed for self-discovery and offers real-time help.
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The WriskScore™ helps motorists understand their risk and how this impacts their premium. It can also highlight specific car safety features, building trust in the car as well as the insurance.

Our broad spectrum of capabilities allow us to create bespoke solutions for any type of mobility and auto company.