Performance Analyst

The Role

To provide Wrisk with detailed insight into current performance against budget and KPIs. Produce future forecasting and set appropriate team goals and objectives, to understand business activity and be able to provide analysis on its impact.


Create and deliver a Trading Dashboard to provide management information on performance across product lines 

Develop and maintain a dashboard that allows business teams to effectively assess business/product performance across product lines/ partners and the customer journey including quote, new business, retention and claims.

Manage a standard set of reports for internal business teams and partners

Build and maintain a regular reporting required for the business to report to partners. Be able to present the data in a way which allows the reports to be circulated and effectively used to drive performance. 

Provide business performance insights

Work as a central part of the Wrisk team to understand current business/marketing activities and be able to provide insights into the success and learnings around these activities. 

Define KPI and target base lines on which business performance can be assessed

Breaking down the budgeted business objectives into workable goals for the wider business.

Add insight by integrating data from third parties into platform data

Use third party integrated systems to enrich the existing platform data and draw out insight to help advice business growth and improvement.

As Wrisk is a regulated insurance business all employees are expected to carry out continued CPD and development. All employees will need to have a basic understanding of how to operate within an FCA regulated business and the requirements of their role.

Competencies & Behaviour


  • Ability to manage large amounts of data, from multiple sources and be able to draw out insight and communicate this to a wider audience in a simple way

Technical Ability

  • Ability to use data analytics tools such as Tableau or other platforms
  • Have a basic understanding of technical data structures and be able to build reports and query a standard database using SQL
  • Ability to use google products and excel for analytics purposes

Insurance Industry Experience

  • Working knowledge of General Insurance legislation, market and competitor landscape
  • Solid understanding of Insurance specific metrics and ability to analyse them
  • Confident in standard practices for Insurance analysis and accounting practices / requirements


  • Confident at communicating with business stakeholders and partners
  • Able to demonstrate complex data in a simple way

Team Player

  • Contributes to team meetings and discussions 
  • Displays a positive can-do attitude 
  • Ability to respond to feedback positively
  • Approaches all areas of their role with positivity
  • Shares knowledge and helps colleagues
  • Aware of own strengths and areas for development


  • Can relate to insurers, clients and colleagues
  • Ability to show empathy


  • Carry out any duties requested by management
  • Behaves with integrity

Listening Skills

  • Understands instructions and follows guidance  
  • Focuses on what is actually being said and on the intentions behind what is being said
  • Understand instructions
  • Show understanding 
  • Give undivided attention (Active Listening)


  • Upholds Wrisk values
  • Displays appropriate standards of behaviour
  • Treats customers fairly and acts in their best interests


  • Can be relied on
  • Ethical
  • Dependable
  • Honest

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