Future positions

We are an actively inclusive organisation, and understand that a great fit for our team may not meet all the requirements of a job description. As such, we will always be open to speculative enquiries sent to work@wrisk.co.

And there are some upcoming vacancies we haven't even written job descriptions for yet! We'll be looking in particular for: 

  • People who understand customer behaviour
  • Actuarial and data science geeks
  • Insurance gurus
  • Growth hackers
  • Relationship managers

Just send us as much as you can from this list: 

  • A link to learn more about you (your LinkedIn, CV, etc.)
  • If possible, a link to where we can see some of your work (GitHub, website, portfolio, etc.)
  • Three things you would change about our website (typos, new sections... really anything!)

We say that passion beats skills every time - and we mean it. If you like the look of what we do and want to be involved but aren't quite sure where you might fit... get in touch anyway. 

Email us at work@wrisk.co and we’ll start talking.

Keeping your data safe is really important to us. Please read our Job Applicant Privacy Policy.