Wrisktaker’s guide on Apple this Black Friday

Which Apple products too look out for this Black Friday
Nov 21, 2018
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As a team of Apple fans, we are always on the lookout for a great deal on Apple products. With Black Friday finally here, we spoke to Neil Patel - a former Apple employee and our resident guru on all things Apple, on his views on what to look out for this Black Friday.

Apple usually tries to stay away from deals owing to their products not being seasonal, however in recent years, there have been one day shopping events with gift cards being given with purchases. This year, Apple are taking part in a special 4-day Black Friday special. With so many products, here are a few tips from Neil on iPhones, iPads to MacBooks.


Last year, we saw some retailers and mobile phone networks offer discounts on new phones. This Black Friday, for those wanting a new iPhone, but don't necessarily want to splash out on the iPhone XS...

Image credit: James Martin/CNET

The iPhone XR is the most affordable option to Apple’s 2018 iPhone launch line up, offering a lower cost option with the latest technology. For the best deals, check Apple directly  and keep an eye out on pay monthly contracts across the major networks (making sure you don't end up over-paying for the handset).

If you are less concerned about having the latest iPhone, then iPhone X is still a solid phone, and is currently on a £200 discount at John Lewis - which is a good deal if you are looking for Apple features like Face ID and dual lens camera. Once you bag your bargain, be sure to get your new phone insured with Wrisk 😉.

Some of the benefits of Wrisk's mobile phone cover are:

  • Protection against theft and loss
  • Accidental damage (including spillage and screen cracks)
  • Out of home cover, including 30 days worldwide
  • Cover for pre-approved repairs at an Apple Store

Wrisk's contents cover includes £3,000 of basic general cover for your stuff, and the opportunity to add or remove gadgets as and when you need to.


Of all Apple products, each year there seem to be more deals. The iPad being refreshed earlier this year now sports Apple Pencil compatibility and the iPad Pro has been updated to be the most powerful ever. Again, with the update of the iPad Pro, older models are now being discounted across retailers.  

For the value-driven, the 6th Generation iPad comes in at a great price if someone is after an inexpensive tablet. The previous generation 10.5” and 12.9” iPad Pro are certainly not slow by any means and and result in getting an iPad Pro at a cheaper price point owing to the price increases for this years models.

Check out John Lewis for iPad savings


With the launch of the new 2018 MacBook Air and the Touch Bar MacBook Pros being updated earlier this year, older versions are already being discounted by many retailers like John Lewis, Amazon and Currys PC World.


The 12” MacBook didn’t see an update for 2018 but it’s the most portable Mac in the current lineup, it’s a great for less intensive tasks such as document editing or media consumption. The big question however is, with the recent new product announcement, the MacBook Air has seen an overdue refresh and is worth considering.

Find deals on MacBooks at Currys PC World

MacBook Air

A highly popular product in the lineup, the MacBook Air now sports a retina display to compliment that iconic wedge design. The new MacBook Air is also equipped with two Thunderbolt 3 ports (as opposed to just one usb-c on the 12” MacBook) offering greater connectivity. With upgrades internally, the MacBook Air now offers longer battery life than the 12” MacBook, a larger screen, Touch ID and a lower entry price point making it the better package overall.

See MacBook Air offers at Apple

MacBook Pro

Equipped with 8th generation Intel Quad and Hex core processors, the 2018 13” and 15” MacBook Pro with Touch Bar seems to be just what many have been asking for. To add to the upgrades, you can also customise both models with faster processors, more memory and larger storage options. The 13” MacBook Pro without Touch Bar has not seen an update for 2018, and with the refresh of the 2018 MacBook Air, it’s hard to recommend it over the MacBook Air.

Save up to £200 on 2018 MacBook

Mac Mini

One of the most versatile products Apple has produced, the Mac Mini has now been given a modern upgrade with faster processors, better security features and modern connectivity options. The cheapest way of upgrading that ageing home PC to a Mac. Avoid being sucked into deals on the previous generation one (the silver models).

Save on the Mac Mini at KRCS


Don’t forget Apple also offer education pricing across Macs and iPads which can be a greater saving than some of these deals which are on. Do shop around!

Extended warranties  

A word to note on warranties, John Lewis proudly offers a 2 year warranty as standard on many Apple products. The first year will be directly with Apple with the second year lying with them directly. Although not advertised, Apple has a generous Consumer Law policy in place which can actually offer coverage after the first year warranty has expired.

Portable electronics cover with Wrisk

You can add any of your portable electronics as additional named items under a Wrisk contents policy. These items can include tablets, laptops, headphones to wearable tech. Wrisk's contents cover is instant - you can add any gadget with immediate effect and minimal effort. Similarly, if you need to make a change or take something off cover, you can do this too, instantly and without a fee - no waiting in line for a call centre and no nasty surprises.

Shop safely this holiday season, there are many fraudsters lurking out there.

Please note Wrisk is not being compensated for any of the links to retailer sites from this post. The suggestions provided are not necessarily the best offers, but ones we found and liked and thought you may want to check ahead of any purchases 🙂.