We’re improving the core cover for your stuff

Introducing increased protection for the things in your home
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Greg Doszpod
More things included in your core cover

Most likely you’ve read the help centre article. You probably voted and asked that we change it. Chances are, you’ve even chatted to us about it. So… what’s the deal with this “general contents” thing?

Well, we’ve heard you and we’re changing it – making it simpler, more inclusive and better value for everyone.

Things in your home

Wrisk’s core cover is  just what it says on the tin: protection for your things whilst in the home.

It’s a safety net, as small (£3k) or large (£20k) as you need, where you don’t have to list your things one-by-one, so long they’re each under a certain value. If anything or everything goes up in flames*, your core cover helps you recover

Your Kindle? Check. TV? Most likely. Playstation? Sure. Jewellery box? Yup.

And for extra peace of mind, you now also have the option to protect your things in your home against accidental damage – breaks, rips and spills.

Remember, we still need you to list certain items if you’d like them covered:

  • Mobile phones
  • Home electronics worth more than £1,500
  • Portable electronics, jewellery, bicycles and musical instruments worth more than £150

The upside of listing it? If it’s the type of thing that leaves your home (or the country for that matter) it’ll be fully covered wherever you take them, and then some.

I want in

Get the latest update from the App Store to see all this in action. If you don’t have the app yet… what are you waiting for?

* Actually, you’re also covered for a variety of bad fortune – do check out our full list of in’s and out’s.