The Wrisk contents app is closing

The Wrisk contents insurance app is closing to all customers.
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Darius Kumana
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Today, sadly, we announce that the Wrisk contents insurance app is closing to new customers. Existing customers will continue to be covered until 15/04/2020, after which time their cover with Wrisk will come to an end. All customers will have received additional correspondence of what to do next. 

It has been almost two years since we welcomed our first customers to Wrisk. You were the ones who helped us demonstrate that there is a better way to do insurance, one which is simple, transparent and personal. Our incredible community has supported us as we have learned, grown and developed our offering. The time has now come for us to take stock of these learnings and to make the hard, but necessary, decision to close Wrisk’s contents app, as we embark on the next phase of our journey.  

Why now?

We hold ourselves to being transparent and the truth is that we are on a mission to transform the way insurance is sold globally. While we initially chose the route of engaging directly with customers to make it happen, we’ve found a more impactful way to ensure more people are able to protect the things they care about. 

Partnering with well-loved brands to offer you, our customers, flexible insurance at the point at which you buy a product or service, has proven to be the best way for us to transform the insurance experience at its core. 

Since we launched, we have been honest about constantly seeking alternative paths to reach our customers and finding new ways to access a large consumer base with a small marketing budget. We also have a strong culture of continuous learning – and we take pride in having the flexibility and humility to change the way we do things based on what we see is right. As a small company, but a customer-centric one, we want every action we take to translate into real value for you, the consumer. We owe it to you to find the right path to change. 

Our commitment to partnerships is not new: our earliest partners include the likes of - MoneyBox and the student service provider, Resooma. But, we also became the primary car insurance provider to BMW UK Financial Services in September 2018, and this partnership has transformed our business in more ways than one. Most importantly, it has made a far greater impact on the way insurance is sold to people, thanks to BMW UK FS’s scale and capabilities, than we would have made on our own. Since then, we’ve gone on to secure the RAC as a partner and Allianz Automotive – one of the largest car insurers in the world. Today, some 90% of Wrisk’s customers have come via our partnerships. And we won’t stop here.

It is our firm belief that there is a fundamental need for a new standard in insurance, one which puts the customer at the centre and enables a digital relationship beyond purchasing insurance. The development of Wrisk’s app has allowed us to showcase to large global brands what is possible with the Wrisk approach, and to learn about what you, their customers, want. Whilst it is never easy to let something go, we want to reassure you that Wrisk is still about making better insurance services available to you. We want to translate the knowledge we’ve gathered through your use of our app and take it into the next stage of our journey: helping bigger companies adopt our way of thinking and reach more people, so that we can transform the insurance experience from the inside out.

Our principles, mission, values and dedication remain the same – it’s the channel through which we deliver on them that is evolving.

We’d like to thank you all so much for supporting our journey so far and hope that you will continue to support our mission to make simple, transparent insurance available for everyone.