Happy Wriskmas

We've had a fantastic 2019 at Wrisk, here are a few of our highlights from the year.
A photo of Niall Barton
Niall Barton
Happy Wriskmas

With 2019 coming to a close, this is the last in my series of Wrisk-coined blog posts, and it’s a chance to reflect on Wrisk’s 2019 and to consider its 2020 ahead

2019 highlights

  • A major focus for the year was in motor insurance where the development of our Pro Motion suite of capabilities for the mobility sector involved an enormous amount of work particularly by our insurance, engineering and design teams. 
  • This culminated in the launch of two major Pro Motion programmes in Q4, one for RAC and the other for MINI.
  • We’re excited about the opportunities for also working with other major players in the mobility sector. Some of these opportunities will come from the global partnership Wrisk now has with Allianz Auto that was announced in May
  • All the while we have learnt a huge amount during 2019 from operating our Wrisk Contents B2C product. Whether these learnings have been operational, design, or technological the process has been incredibly valuable
  • Our management of BMW’s traditional 7 day/12 month motor insurance product has been very successful in 2019 after a lot of collaborative work by all stakeholders. Big shout out to everyone involved in this programme. 
  • And while all of the operational hard work has been going on, we secured financing from strategic and private investors to fund further development and growth of the business.

2020...some thoughts

  • With the launch of these two programmes for RAC and MINI, and with the sales funnel with large partners being strong, we decided that 2020 should start with Wrisk’s core distribution strategy being more clearly defined as B2B2C. Our refreshed website evidences this. 
  • With the successful transition of Nimeshh taking over the role of CEO, this allows me to focus on helping him with chasing some of the big new opportunities out there. For instance, 2020 will see us shaping our international expansion priorities.
  • 2020 will also see us expanding our suite of B2B2C capabilities into other verticals here in the UK.
  • And yes, during 2020 we’ll be raising capital to fund these expansion plans. 
  • Getting to this point has taken longer, and required more funding, than we’d expected. But I can now see very clearly the global opportunity ahead for Wrisk and I’m looking forward to sharing with prospective investors our vision, our forecasts and the proof points of our traction.

Happy Wriskmas and roll on 2020….