Michael has been an iOS engineer since just after the App Store launched, and various incarnations before that, including Windows when NT meant New Technology and Java when it had a Mobile Edition. There was a time when he could write HTML and back-end services too, but he claims not to remember that...

Having developed several award-winning iOS apps for the likes of Time Out, Songkick, Lyst, and The Guardian, his proudest moment was probably being hugged by a complete stranger at WWDC 2009 for the offline mode in the Shazam app.

In his own words, he is an "occasional speaker" at conferences around the world on topics as wide ranging as empathy in software engineering to the pain of implementing Apple Pay before it has launched. 

If you read his tweets you will see that he is a strong advocate for privacy, security and openness in technology, believing in the enabling power of the net-neutral internet. 

As anyone who knows Michael will attest, he is far too fussy about what coffee he drinks, may never speak to you again if you offer him a basic lager (he's a craft ale man, for the record), and is very easily upset by bad user interfaces (ask him about the ticket machines at train stations). 

You can connect with Michael on Twitter.