With an MSc in Applied Mathematics from Moscow University and a PhD in Maths from the University of Natal, it's safe to say that Alex knows how to wrangle large data sets with ease...which is particularly handy if your business is all about turning tables of data points into personal insights (but is extremely handy in a pub quiz too). 

After a decade as Technical Lead and Principal Consultant for internationally respected consultancy, ThoughtWorks, the move to a start-up has been a lot of fun. Now that he is on Season Three of Silicon Valley, it's actually starting to make some sense too.

A passionate advocate for clean code and test driven development (with a pet peev for logical fallacies), his title as CTO belies the day to day engineering of our services platform that powers the Wrisk product.

Whilst many of the team are physically active in different ways, it seems the years in Russia have given Alex the edge, as he can be found cycling into work any day of the year, come rain or shine (or snow).

If you manage to get in early enough of a morning you might just catch him blasting classical music through the office, coffee in one hand, laptop in the other.

You can connect with Alex on LinkedIn.