Platform Engineer

London, United Kingdom


About Us

The future of insurance is digital first. The future of insurance is technology. Insurance delivered through your phone, not your post box. Insurance centred around you, not your things. We’re creating a highly flexible service that provides Motor, Travel and Home cover all in one place.

The future of insurance is Wrisk. It’s a big claim, sure, but we mean it, and it’s a big job, which is why we need your help.

We are well funded for the journey ahead and have already won strong support from the likes of BMW and Munich Re.


Who We Are

We are a small team, punching well above our weight. Our two founders, Darius and Nigel,  between them understand insurance and digital product management through decades of experience, giving them a unique set of skills to bring this vision to reality. They also bring the war stories (and, occasionally, the cakes).

Our quietly amazing CTO, Alex, has helped build enterprise class software for everyone from O2, BT, RBS, AOL and Autotrader whilst our resident coffee snob and top notch mobile engineer, Michael, has worked on the apps for Shazam, The Guardian, Lyst, Songkick, Viz and Time Out. They are joined by Benny, a seriously great designer with experience at Markel International, Allianz, Springer, and Sparkasse, and then, of course, there is Ned, our product person in training who, until recently, had been everything from a bartender to a catwalk model. He is nothing, if not adaptable.

We also have an advisory board that reads like a Who’s Who of the UK tech and insurance industries.


How We Work

We believe in, and practice, the lean startup ideas of build/measure/learn, and will be very happy to show you the kanban storyboard you will be building from. You will participate in, and often lead, our retrospectives, as well as presenting at the weekly showcases, to the wider team, which are essential for ensuring we are all on the same page.

We typically start with a workshop to define what we need to achieve, leading to wireframes and perhaps some high level tasks. We refine and test until we believe we have the core of what we want and then we build the smallest amount we can to validate this - sometimes in code, sometimes in prototype. 

We do regular user testing, rapid prototyping and code spikes to ensure we only build the most-right thing we can right now. Darius has, in previous incarnations, been a Head of UX (ThoughtWorks) and a Head of Product (Isotrak) so agile product management and user experience are truly in our blood.


About You

What you will bring to Wrisk is, of course, your engineering skills, but we are hoping for so much more than that. In such a small team there is enormous scope to have your say, to influence how we work, what we work on and, ultimately therefore, what Wrisk will become for our future millions of international users.

You'll be working very closely with Alex, the CTO, to build out micro-services architected platform (a 100% cloud based solution, running on an ECS cluster in AWS) - the engine that powers Wrisk. This platform integrates with many clients from our own app to external data sources and third party solution providers so there's a lot to do.

Most everything is written in Java right now, so demonstrable experience writing production quality Java is pretty much essential. If you've worked on delivering a mobile friendly RESTful API that would be a bonus, and if that has led you to thinking of tools like Dropwizard and Swagger, all the better. 

As you might expect we have a solid continuous delivery and integration pipeline sitting on top of CircleCI and BitBucket. Whilst we are not religious about TDD we don't typically write code without tests either.

Of course, a service like Wrisk needs data, and lots of it. You don't need ninja SQL skills but the more you already know of SQL (and even no-SQL) options the better. We have data science skills in-house already but if that kind of thing floats your boat then you're going to be really excited when we show you what we're up to...

And where there is personal data, there must be security and privacy so we hope you'll help to champion and protect the user as much as the rest of us.

If you want to be part of the team but you don’t quite fit the bill get in touch anyway. Passion beats skills every time. 

We offer a competitive salary, generous holiday allowance and flexible working conditions.

We're currently at  Tech Hub, Moorgate, part of Google for Entrepreneurs. As you would expect, it comes with the obligatory ping pong table, foosball table and free coffee, plus regular talks from luminaries of the startup and tech sector.

Want to know more?

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