Future positions

London, United Kingdom


Like what you see but don’t see an opening? Don’t lose heart.

We've been so busy building Wrisk, securing funding for the road ahead that we've not had time to write everything up yet.  

We need smart people. 

  • People who understand Customer behaviour.
  • Actuarial and data science geeks. 
  • Insurance gurus. 
  • Growth-hackers.
  • Partnership  and community managers.   

Remember, passion beats skills every time so do please get in touch.

Want to know more?

Drop us a line at work@wrisk.co

  • A link to learn more about you (your LinkedIn, your CV, etc.)
  • A link to where we can see some of your work
  • Three things you would change about this job posting (typos, new requirements... anything, really)
  • A sentence or two about why insurance sucks right now